Bitnodes estimates the relative size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network by finding all of its reachable nodes.

Updated: Fri Jul 19 05:24:28 2024 EDT

7881 nodes

IPv4: -2.4% / IPv6: -6.4% / .onion: -92.2%

Top 10 countries with their respective number of reachable nodes are as follows.

1United States1725 (21.89%)
2Germany1617 (20.52%)
3n/a868 (11.01%)
4France430 (5.46%)
5Netherlands337 (4.28%)
6Finland290 (3.68%)
7Canada280 (3.55%)
8Singapore215 (2.73%)
9United Kingdom206 (2.61%)
10Switzerland165 (2.09%)
All (89)
NOTE / The data above includes reachable nodes only. View global nodes here

Map shows concentration of reachable Bitcoin nodes found in countries around the world.


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Be part of the Bitcoin network by running a Bitcoin full node, e.g. Bitcoin Core.

Use this tool to check if your Bitcoin client is currently accepting incoming connections from other nodes. Port must be between 1024 and 65535.