Bitnodes estimates the relative size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network by finding all of its reachable nodes.

Global Bitcoin nodes by ASN

2142 ASNs with their respective number of global IPv4/IPv6 Bitcoin nodes as of Tue Jun 6 20:00:00 2023 EDT.

Window size: 1-day


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1AS24940 Hetzner Online GmbH 1795 (4.97%)
2AS16509 AMAZON-02 1768 (4.90%)
3AS7922 COMCAST-7922 1727 (4.78%)
4AS7018 ATT-INTERNET4 1034 (2.86%)
5AS14061 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN 1002 (2.77%)
6AS3320 Deutsche Telekom AG 783 (2.17%)
7AS16276 OVH SAS 746 (2.07%)
8AS396982 GOOGLE-CLOUD-PLATFORM 688 (1.91%)
9AS4134 Chinanet 665 (1.84%)
10AS701 UUNET 607 (1.68%)
11AS14618 AMAZON-AES 561 (1.55%)
12AS3209 Vodafone GmbH 548 (1.52%)
13AS9009 M247 Europe SRL 470 (1.30%)
14AS14593 SPACEX-STARLINK 397 (1.10%)
15AS22773 ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC 376 (1.04%)
16AS212238 Datacamp Limited 365 (1.01%)
17AS51167 Contabo GmbH 362 (1.00%)
18AS20115 CHARTER-20115 331 (0.92%)
19AS1136 KPN B.V. 251 (0.70%)
20AS2856 British Telecommunications PLC 248 (0.69%)
21AS20001 TWC-20001-PACWEST 245 (0.68%)
22AS12389 Rostelecom 236 (0.65%)
24AS20473 AS-CHOOPA 221 (0.61%)
25AS12322 Free SAS 220 (0.61%)

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This page reports the estimated size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network including both reachable and unreachable nodes, i.e. global nodes. Unlike the low churn rate estimation method for reachable nodes (see the latest snapshot here), the method for this report can only provide a rough estimation and does not filter out potentially spurious nodes that may be gossiped by non-standard/spam/malicious peers.

Bitnodes crawler captures these nodes from the addr messages returned by all the reachable nodes. Each snapshot or data point in this report represents a rolling window. A snapshot with window size of 1 day will include all nodes by IP addresses with timestamps less than 1 day old. The timestamp for a node here refers to the time when its peer last connects to it. If you turn on your Bitcoin node for only a few minutes anytime during the last 24 hours, it will be included in the latest snapshot with a window size of 1 day.

Multiple nodes from the same IP address, but different port numbers are counted as one node in this report. A larger window size may increase the likelihood of the same node being counted more than once due to e.g. IP lease renewal.

A Bitcoin node may be unreachable for several reasons. It may be configured by the operator to only attempt to make outgoing connections or it may be located behind corporate/ISP firewalls or NAT. A node could also become temporarily unreachable if it has hit its maximum allowed connections or if it is in the process of syncing up to the latest blocks. As it is impossible to connect to an unreachable node directly, we cannot reliably confirm the true existence of an unreachable node, hence the rough estimation.

Join the Network

Be part of the Bitcoin network by running a Bitcoin full node, e.g. Bitcoin Core.

Use this tool to check if your Bitcoin client is currently accepting incoming connections from other nodes. Port must be between 1024 and 65535.