Bitnodes estimates the relative size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network by finding all of its reachable nodes.

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Global Bitcoin nodes by ASN

1947 ASNs with their respective number of reachable and unreachable IPv4/IPv6 Bitcoin nodes as of Mon Jan 30 19:00:00 2023 EST.

Window size: 1-day


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47AS11351 TWC-11351-NORTHEAST 119 (0.36%)
48AS12876 Online S.a.s. 106 (0.32%)
48AS62240 Clouvider Limited 106 (0.32%)
49AS197540 netcup GmbH 105 (0.32%)
50AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET 102 (0.31%)
50AS3303 Bluewin 102 (0.31%)
51AS16591 GOOGLE-FIBER 99 (0.30%)
52AS39351 31173 Services AB 98 (0.30%)
52AS7545 TPG Telecom Limited 98 (0.30%)
53AS8151 Uninet S.A. de C.V. 95 (0.29%)
54AS4808 China Unicom Beijing Province Network 92 (0.28%)
55AS8708 RCS & RDS 91 (0.27%)
56AS11426 TWC-11426-CAROLINAS 88 (0.27%)
57AS53667 PONYNET 86 (0.26%)
58AS8412 T-Mobile Austria GmbH 85 (0.26%)
59AS3243 Servicos De Comunicacoes E Multimedia S.A. 83 (0.25%)
60AS174 COGENT-174 82 (0.25%)
60AS60781 LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. 82 (0.25%)
61AS6167 CELLCO-PART 79 (0.24%)
61AS6848 Telenet BVBA 79 (0.24%)
62AS1221 Telstra Corporation Ltd 78 (0.24%)
62AS5607 Sky UK Limited 78 (0.24%)
63AS4764 Aussie Broadband 77 (0.23%)
63AS5769 VIDEOTRON 77 (0.23%)
64AS1267 Wind Tre S.p.A. 75 (0.23%)
65AS12271 TWC-12271-NYC 73 (0.22%)
65AS12874 Fastweb 73 (0.22%)
65AS206092 Ipxo Limited 73 (0.22%)
66AS25513 PJSC Moscow city telephone network 72 (0.22%)
67AS6939 HURRICANE 71 (0.21%)
68AS3269 Telecom Italia 70 (0.21%)
69AS31898 ORACLE-BMC-31898 69 (0.21%)
70AS45758 Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited 66 (0.20%)
71AS133481 AIS Fibre 65 (0.20%)
71AS6128 CABLE-NET-1 65 (0.20%)
71AS8422 NetCologne Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation mbH 65 (0.20%)
72AS3462 Data Communication Business Group 64 (0.19%)
73AS4766 Korea Telecom 63 (0.19%)
73AS8402 PVimpelCom 63 (0.19%)
74AS15557 Societe Francaise Du Radiotelephone - SFR SA 62 (0.19%)
75AS12353 Vodafone Portugal - Communicacoes Pessoais S.A. 61 (0.18%)
75AS2119 Telenor Norge AS 61 (0.18%)
76AS6799 OTEnet S.A. 60 (0.18%)
77AS5432 Proximus NV 58 (0.17%)
78AS18881 TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A 57 (0.17%)
79AS15704 Xtra Telecom S.A. 56 (0.17%)
79AS5645 TEKSAVVY 56 (0.17%)
79AS6730 Sunrise GmbH 56 (0.17%)
79AS8473 Bahnhof AB 56 (0.17%)
80AS147049 PacketHub S.A. 55 (0.17%)

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This page reports the estimated size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network including both reachable and unreachable nodes. Unlike the low churn rate estimation method for reachable nodes (see the latest snapshot here), the method for this report can only provide a rough estimation and does not filter out potentially spurious nodes that may be gossiped by non-standard/spam/malicious peers.

Bitnodes crawler captures these nodes from the addr messages returned by all the reachable nodes. Each snapshot or data point in this report represents a rolling window. A snapshot with window size of 1 day will include all nodes by IP addresses with timestamps less than 1 day old. The timestamp for a node here refers to the time when its peer last connects to it. If you turn on your Bitcoin node for only a few minutes anytime during the last 24 hours, it will be included in the latest snapshot with a window size of 1 day.

Multiple nodes from the same IP address, but different port numbers are counted as one node in this report. A larger window size may increase the likelihood of the same node being counted more than once due to e.g. IP lease renewal.

A Bitcoin node may be unreachable for several reasons. It may be configured by the operator to only attempt to make outgoing connections or it may be located behind corporate/ISP firewalls or NAT. A node could also become temporarily unreachable if it has hit its maximum allowed connections or if it is in the process of syncing up to the latest blocks. As it is impossible to connect to an unreachable node directly, we cannot reliably confirm the true existence of an unreachable node, hence the rough estimation.

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