Bitnodes estimates the relative size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network by finding all of its reachable nodes.

Total nodes n/a United States n/a AS14618 AMAZON-AES n/a

Global Bitcoin nodes by ASN

1947 ASNs with their respective number of reachable and unreachable IPv4/IPv6 Bitcoin nodes as of Mon Jan 30 19:00:00 2023 EST.

Window size: 1-day


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132AS54303 FILMO 1 (0.01%)
132AS5479 Kauno Technologijos Universitetas 1 (0.01%)
132AS55106 DATACATE-AS1 1 (0.01%)
132AS55479 IIT Kanpur 1 (0.01%)
132AS55803 Hostopia Australia Web Pty Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS55811 Countrytell Management Pty Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS55850 Mercury NZ Limited 1 (0.01%)
132AS55960 Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Digital 1 (0.01%)
132AS56345 Tvb Teledistribucion S.l. 1 (0.01%)
132AS56427 Michal Hradil 1 (0.01%)
132AS56433 LocalNet Ltd. 1 (0.01%)
132AS56465 Therecom Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS56546 ET KT-Astra - Genko Doichinov 1 (0.01%)
132AS56668 FOP Demchuk Sergiy Olexandrovuch 1 (0.01%)
132AS56803 Datasource AG 1 (0.01%)
132AS56995 NetStream Technology Joint-Stock Private Ltd. 1 (0.01%)
132AS57271 BitWeb LLC 1 (0.01%)
132AS57353 vitroconnect GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS57393 Viva LLC 1 (0.01%)
132AS57794 Ellinika Diktia Kalodion Mepe 1 (0.01%)
132AS57988 Foton Company Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS58212 dataforest GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS58461 CT-HangZhou-IDC 1 (0.01%)
132AS58466 CHINANET Guangdong province network 1 (0.01%)
132AS58812 Information Technology Center 1 (0.01%)
132AS59108 KATCH NETWORK INC. 1 (0.01%)
132AS59504 LLC Vpsville 1 (0.01%)
132AS59577 Roman Kalita 1 (0.01%)
132AS59668 Turon Media XK 1 (0.01%)
132AS59684 Hoster kg, Ltd. 1 (0.01%)
132AS59711 HZ Hosting Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS59845 Top 21 Systemhaus GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS59921 Stadtwerke Finsterwalde GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS60042 OnTelecom LLC 1 (0.01%)
132AS60072 LLC EGS-Telecom 1 (0.01%)
132AS60118 Cyber Smart Solutions S.R.L 1 (0.01%)
132AS60529 Miroslav Klement 1 (0.01%)
132AS60785 Alsenet SA 1 (0.01%)
132AS61046 HZ Hosting Ltd 1 (0.01%)
132AS61135 Comnet Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri Ticaret A.s. 1 (0.01%)
132AS61303 NETWAYS GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS61335 PE Denis Podolskii 1 (0.01%)
132AS62005 BlueVPS OU 1 (0.01%)
132AS62183 Bredbandsson AB 1 (0.01%)
132AS62336 GmbH 1 (0.01%)
132AS6233 XTOM 1 (0.01%)
132AS6300 CCI-TEXAS 1 (0.01%)
132AS63297 PACIFIC-SERVERS 1 (0.01%)
132AS63612 Shenzhen Qianhai bird cloud computing Co. Ltd. 1 (0.01%)

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This page reports the estimated size of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network including both reachable and unreachable nodes. Unlike the low churn rate estimation method for reachable nodes (see the latest snapshot here), the method for this report can only provide a rough estimation and does not filter out potentially spurious nodes that may be gossiped by non-standard/spam/malicious peers.

Bitnodes crawler captures these nodes from the addr messages returned by all the reachable nodes. Each snapshot or data point in this report represents a rolling window. A snapshot with window size of 1 day will include all nodes by IP addresses with timestamps less than 1 day old. The timestamp for a node here refers to the time when its peer last connects to it. If you turn on your Bitcoin node for only a few minutes anytime during the last 24 hours, it will be included in the latest snapshot with a window size of 1 day.

Multiple nodes from the same IP address, but different port numbers are counted as one node in this report. A larger window size may increase the likelihood of the same node being counted more than once due to e.g. IP lease renewal.

A Bitcoin node may be unreachable for several reasons. It may be configured by the operator to only attempt to make outgoing connections or it may be located behind corporate/ISP firewalls or NAT. A node could also become temporarily unreachable if it has hit its maximum allowed connections or if it is in the process of syncing up to the latest blocks. As it is impossible to connect to an unreachable node directly, we cannot reliably confirm the true existence of an unreachable node, hence the rough estimation.

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